Vincent-Molina-about Vincent grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and has over 30 years of corporate experience in such areas as business strategy, management and corporate training. He became one of the youngest Fortune 500 trainers at age 20 and has lived in Hawaii, California, Nevada, Utah, and the United Kingdom.

As a Business Strategist Vincent provides support at the executive and board level in areas of corporate engineering, business development, and capital acquisition. His passion, commitment, and expertise have led his dedicated clients to their achieved goals.

Vincent has supported a variety of industries such as technology, consumer products and services, music, film, the green industry and others. He works closely with companies to support them in obtaining necessary professional and financial support and other resources required to achieve success. As a result of his work, other professionals have dubbed him, “The General Contractor of Business”.

Vincent is a Member of and Instructor for CEO Space International where he has taught classes to thousands of Members on various aspects of Business Strategy, Capital Acquisition, and Networking. In addition, Vincent has also instructed classes in Identifying and Communicating your passion to CEO Space Teen Program.

He has participated on the U.S.A. Today’s Small Business Panel which serves 20 million entrepreneurs. He is a published author who has been featured on national television and radio shows and a contributing author of the Best Seller Law of Business Attraction.

Vincent’s professional affiliations have included being a member of the Education Council and the Business Development Council for the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, Vincent was a member of a hiring review board at the college level. Vincent has also served in the United States Air Force and was a Legislative Aid at the state level.