Vincent Molina & Associates Supports Your Business Objectives

As an independent professional support service, we assist businesses and organizations achieve appropriate objectives.
To do so takes a committed partnership with a client to achieve a business’s defined purpose.

When I first met Vincent, I was immediately impressed with his expertise and resources. Shortly thereafter I hired his company to consult on business development and the raising of capital for our app, Jigster. Without his support in the beginning, Jigster would not be the reality it is today. Vincent Molina and Associates and their expertise are paramount and priceless.


They make my job much easier

I have had the pleasure of working with Vincent Molina and Associates on a number of client projects. Frankly, they make my job much easier and really provides great value in directing clients on their legal options, business development and capital acquisition. It is so easy to work when you have another sophisticated team member. That is why I recommend Vincent Molina and Associates to my clients again and again.

TOM JURGENSENManaging Shareholder & CEO / Optima Law Group

Increase knowledge and skills creating a focused and manageable business

Business and Personal Improvement

We are a result of our upbringing, phases of life, who we are exposed to, education, and experience, all of which effects business and personal life. Working on one has a direct effect on the other. You can have the best training and support, but are you retaining your acquired skills and applying them? The most successful businesses and relationships learn and put into action skills until they become natural behavior. The key to success is learning important skills then employing them so they stick!

Leadership style, behavior, work habits, relationships with colleagues, advice from collaborators, and underutilized skill sets can all effect a business’s success.

Our experience is that motivation and excitement is based on results obtained while learning skills and applying them at the same time versus trying to implement them at a later date when you are on your own. The longer you wait to use what you learn, the more is forgotten. Immediate action and implementation supports retention and increased results.

Motivation should be based on a clearly defined vision, goals to obtain that vision, and concrete actions to achieve an intended outcome. This clear method increases the effectiveness of management and teams to be more effective.

Vincent Molina & Associates is a content driven skill transfer company that supports you in achieving results.

Creating Business Independence and The Building Process

Why was Vincent Molina dubbed, “The General Contractor of Business” years ago by his professional peers in areas of legal, financial, strategy, and others? Simply put, building a business is like building a house. In addition to the vision and goals to create the design and ultimate outcome, then a dedicated team of external “sub-contractors” (professionals) is needed to build the design and a team is necessary to operate it. When building a house most people hire a general contractor to support the building process and to communicate with sub-contractors. This process takes a working understanding of what is needed, when you need it, and who can deliver. This formula would apply whether building from scratch or extensive renovating.

Vincent Molina & Associates acts as the General Contractor (client advocate) working with management, workers and other professionals (sub-contractors). His work is achieved through interaction with all necessary parties, elevating client skills in the process with the intended result of creating an independent business versus a co-dependent one.

Improving Management and Business Practices

Our consulting interacts closely with other professionals to create a true team effort. This requires a combination of you, your team, and other professionals to include choosing what’s right for your business from the vast network and reach of our company.

Many business owners rely on what they are told, versus being fully informed and already knowing what to ask prior to making an appropriate decision. Having knowledge empowers a business and increases its opportunity for achieving success in every aspect.
This business practice is defined by us as Business Informed Consent – giving permission with the knowledge of possible outcomes and knowledge of potential challenges and benefits by achieving an understanding of what is involved.

At some point, every business requires support that is independent from its core team with fresh perspective, knowledge, and expertise. This interaction happens on many levels to support clients in achieving the best possible outcomes for their short and long-term objectives.

Business climates are constantly shifting and new models need knowledge and creativity for a business to maximize its resources, both people and money, to capitalize on markets and increase profitability. This method includes cooperation, knowledge, and skill transfer.

The value of our services are reflected by your increased skills and ability to integrate them seamlessly into a new or existing business model and for those businesses that desire to implement appropriate action items sequentially to avoid the pitfalls many businesses experience.

Our Process

Our process starts with an assessment through interviewing, diagnosing needs, and identifying required skills, contacts, and resources to achieve established goals. Goals should be ambitious and realistic followed by a developed strategy to achieve goals based on opportunities and challenges.

Collaboration is the key to all business. The client (and respective team members) must commit to working closely and interacting with us to maximize full benefit and gain the ability to implement appropriate action items.

Clearly defined expectations and outcomes means clarity which increases your ability to implement and achieve your results – “A Focused Purpose”.

Using an incremental approach to each action is designed to make an action manageable and achieve results in a sequential way with the goal of eliminating past mistakes and gain traction.

Assessment, Diagnosis, Action Planning, Implementation, Outcome

  • Are you challenged by obtaining and managing the right resources?
  • Is there a shortfall of resources (expertise and capital)?
  • Do you have a plan that has not met your objectives?
  • Have you experienced frustration from lack of growth?
  • Has expected profitability been less than projected?
  • Is the business running on a shoestring versus profits?
  • Are you experiencing a strain in your personal finances and relationship as a result of business challenges?

If you are experiencing any of these or other challenging situations, or want to avoid them, then it’s time to investigate how we can support change.

“After personal and business development, one must learn the key to integration and implementation.”

– Vincent Molina